My Private Table


My Private Table | Reservation:

- ROULETTE-Cup | Maximum number of participants: 12 persons | flat fee: 150 EUR (every day)

Please make your  reservation at least fourteen days in advance by calling +49 711 90019-0 or info(at)

On Fridays and Saturdays. Start 4:30 or 6pm.


Of course, you can also learn roulette on your own. But doing it with "My Private Table" is much more enjoyable. After a glass of champagne as a welcome drink, our croupiers will first give you an entertaining insight into the history of gambling and then introduce you to roulette. Then follows the most exciting part of the event. In the cup tournamant you can apply your newly acquired knowledge and win lucky jetons without any risk.

Since there is nothing that can replace the real casino experience, a day ticket for the Casino is included in the seminar price.